52 Society

Our Motto:
To Enlighten the world on Freemasonry in general.

Who we are:
We are a group of UGLE freemason’s based in the United Kingdom, from a variety of lodges throughout the country, each with our own personal experience of the craft and various other masonic side orders.

What we are:
A society of Freemasons who want to show the world more. More of the amazing things we do for charities, both masonic and non-masonic. More of the openness that Freemasonry must show the internet generation in order for us to move with the times and ages, and to survive and flourish; we aim to do this from a member personal perspective. Our own views and interests are covered and posted by individual members.

Our Aim:
To provide the internet and indeed the world with a personal account of how great Freemasonry is, and to challenge conspiracy theories, without breaking our oaths. We want to give a real account of our masonic journeys for the internet to see.

Our Oath:
The 52 Society is strictly invite only. Each member is kept anonymous, only being known by their playing card pseudonym.


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