Order In focus: The Order Of The Secret Monitor


Continuing on from our first article on the “other degrees” in freemasonry, we come to the Order Of The Secret Monitor or as it’s also known “The Brotherhood Of David & Jonathan.”

I really feel this order is often overlooked by a good number of brethren. This is a real favorite of mine and one I feel lots of people would really enjoy if they knew a little more about it.

The story:
The full name of this order gives a clear insight into the tale that this order portrays and that is the brotherhood and friendship of one Jonathan, son of Saul King of Israel and David, his presumed rival for the crown.

The full story is one of comradery and really hits home the meaning and need for “brotherly love.” That oh-so important principle we are told is vital to freemasonry.

The degrees in this order are three in number and each of them unveil another portion of the story, They consist of :-

First Degree: Secret Monitor

Second Degree: “Prince” or “Princes degree/Prince of the order etc”

Third degree(installation): Supreme Ruler

What’s really lovely here is that the installation of the master of the conclave or “Supreme Ruler” as he is known in the order is actually the final part of the story and makes the meeting that much more special for the SR elect.


Another bonus for this order is that the cost of regalia is among the lowest in freemasonry, comprising of a simple jewell which is worn from the breast pocket of your jacket, it is the symbol of the order which is appended to a two colour ribbon, varying in colour depending on your degree in the order.

The other regalia that is worn are officers sash’s and Supreme Rulers Robe and collarette  which will be provided by the conclave at the beginning of the meeting apart from provincial and grand officers which provide their own depending on which rank and office they hold.


That of being a master mason only, this is why I believe the OSM to be a great choice for newly raised brethren who are looking to make some new friends outside of the craft and branch out into something new without stepping into anything majorly serious and heavy before they are ready.

Why it’s great:
The pun laden ritual has enough moments to make any mason throw their arms up and cry “Ooh,Suits you sir!” to a plethora of laughter and sniggers and enough action and energy to make even the most die hard ritualist engaged and hungry to hone their skills and delivery.

But what I personally really love about the OSM is that it really does make you feel the camaraderie of masonry, This is both because of the incredibly enjoyable ceremonies and attitudes that secret monitors have towards one another, one of trust and genuine respect.

Who would love The Order Of The Secret Monitor?
I really feel the OSM has something to offer everyone, it has enough to be different from the craft and enough likeness to make sure that you feel right at home. take a look at the order if you want a genuinely good feeling about the state of the world and want your faith in humanity restored. In this day and age to know you can make some genuinely close trustworthy friends so easily is exactly why it should appeal to everyone.


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