Famous Freemasons – Sir Alf Ramsey


Sir Alf Ramsey is a legend engraved in the mind of every English football fan. A professional footballer for Tottenham Hotspur & Southampton, he went onto management and peeked winning the World Cup for England. What most people don’t know is that during the period he was England manager Sir Alf Ramsey was also a freemason.

During his playing days at Tottenham Alfred Ramsey was initiated into Waltham Abbey Lodge, No. 2750 where he saw a quick progression in becoming a master mason. As a 33 year old man, he was Initiated in October 1953, passed in the Nov, then finally raised the following October. Ramsey resigned from his Lodge in 1981.

Not much is known about Sir Alf Ramsey as a freemason, but it is known that he was never master of his lodge. Following his death in 1999, his wife donated his masonic regalia and certificates to his old lodge, which have been proudly displayed in the Chingford masonic hall. In 2012 the UGLE borrowed these items as part of a special exhibition to celebrate masonic sporting achievement in the year of the London Olympics.


English football has a rich history of Freemasonry. The football association was founded at the Freemasons tavern next to the Grand masonic temple in London and the local Freemasons Arms now celebrates the pub as its spiritual home. The freemasons arm’s is a meeting place for many masons and is decorated with football memorabilia. There have also been rumors of more recent masonic football connections like, Sir Alex Ferguson, Ally McCoist and referee Jeff Winter.

Sir Alf Ramsey was known for saying “You’ve won it once. Now you’ll have to go out there and win it again.” And so will always be known as one of Freemasonry’s biggest winners.


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