Ritual – y’know that Important bit

Ritual Freemasonry

At the last quarterly communication, The Pro Grand Master Peter Geoffrey Lowndes delivered this incredible speech to Grand Lodge.

I, like a lot of other masons read this straight after on Freemasonry Today’s website. The more and more I read of it, the greater the smile on my face became. For such an august mason to state in Grand Lodge that he struggled with learning ritual like most of us was amazing thing to read.

“I am not going to pretend that I have ever found ritual learning easy, and, as time goes by, dare I say, I find learning new ritual more difficult, but, nonetheless, I shall never forget the satisfaction of carrying out a second degree ceremony at the first meeting that I was in the chair of my mother lodge.”

Another excellent point that was raised was the Pro Grand Master being a massive fan of lodges ‘sharing the work.’ This is something I, personally feel is amazing and another useful tool in the retention of members worldwide.

“One of the prime reasons that lodges are being encouraged to share the workload is so that members should spend time really learning and understanding what they are delivering and not just reciting ritual parrot fashion”

I have seen lodges from all over the UK with a sizeable stewards bench and not one of the brethren had delivered or been asked to do a single bit of ritual, this, to me is unacceptable. The Pro Grand Master also mentioned that people are getting busier and busier and finding time to learn lengthy bit of ritual is becoming an even more difficult process

“I entirely accept that learning ritual is time consuming and time is at a premium in today’s hectic schedule of life. But how often is it true that the busiest people are those who find the time to learn it. “

Lodges sharing the work is going to ensure that from the second you are initiated you have little pieces to learn and deliver in open lodge. Which is sure to build up confidence levels in members and make their approach to the offices easier, along with their progression being smoother in the craft.

What I can’t fathom, is that there was virtually no mention of any ceremonial or ritual element in the new UGLE DVD (which I am a big fan of) bearing in mind that the message, and indeed the most fun part for me is the learning, rehearsing and delivery of it’s nearly three hundred and fifty year old ritual. Understandable, the word “Ritual” might seem a little bit daunting or off-putting however to not mention or at least better word something so integral seems absurd.

Our rituals and floor work, is something of an art form to me and i’m sure many of you. we spend hours of our time whenever we can with that little blue (or whatever colour book you’re learning from) trying to master this art, so that it can make someones evening, or open someones mind to an amazing message.

Those of us at the 52 Society are of the opinion that learning, not reading, should always be the aim and desire of every Freemason

“Our ritual is to be treasured and there are few better experiences than seeing and hearing a really well conducted masonic ceremony.”

Written by: 4 of Hearts


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